Maths & Computing Awards Launch: A Filmmaker's View

Ada Lovelace Day 2016 saw the launch of a new Suffrage Science award, to celebrate women in maths and computing. Awards day itself took place on a bright October afternoon, and at a fitting venue, Bletchley Park. The 12 inaugural winners in this latest addition to the Suffrage Science scheme were asked what the award meant to them, and how they might use it to help promote constructive change. Kirstin von Glasow’s short film captured the day.

Guest speaker Sue Black, described her successful Saving Bletchley Park campaign, as well as her experience of motherhood and introduction to the world of computing: “I ended up in a refuge for 6 months with the kids, then living on a council estate in Brixton bringing them up on my own. I decided I needed to go to university. I did a degree in computing and then did a PhD in software engineering.” The awards themselves are jewellery pieces designed by students of the art and design college Central Saint Martins-UAL, long-standing science-arts collaborators with the LMS. For the new section, two winning designs were chosen from a collection inspired by themes such as beauty, simplicity and the search for ‘truth’ in mathematics, and the worlds of secret codes and machine language of computer science, and which also included hints of the history of the Suffragette movement.